In today's fast growing world of Technology, Customers demand products which are reliable, fast and efficient within a short span of time. One of the important phases of such software development is "TESTING". Testing unit helps in identifying the key areas of improvement in Quality, Reliability and Performance of developed system.

Quality Assurance

"Safety protects people, Quality protects jobs" Quality can be briefly defined as a degree of Excellence.

QA (Quality Analysis) Testing have greater implications these days in order to release a new product without Risks after biasing end user’s expectations and demands. Finding an autonomous QA partner who is not biased by the development unit is crucial to the success of a developed product. We at ​​​ikonicIT solutions value such philosophy of being an autonomous body who cares the success of your product.

Automation Services

"Never allow the same bug to bite you twice" Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known.

Automation encompasses many vital elements, systems, and job functions. Automation proffesionals are responsible for solving complex problems in many vital aspects of industry and its processes. Test Automation is a critical implementation required for Projects that have 'Continuous Delivery' and 'Continuous Testing'. We at ikonicIT solutions have efficient Automation proffesionals who can design innovative and reliable Frameworks for such critical Automation Jobs. We have expertise and certified in Selenium and RPA - TOSCA, Ranorex, AutoComplete and UIPath

System Verification

"Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable" If you don’t care about quality, you can't meet any other requirement

System Verification is a crucial part to be done before releasing a Software product into the Market. Analysis/ Evaluation of developed software with respect to Business, Functional, and End-User requirements is handled by System Verification.

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