Our Managed IT Services provide a managed team of High-Performance and Infrastructure resources that work as an extension of your permanent staff


Services Offered on ERP

  • At IkonicIT we are pleased to provide of SAP and Business Analytics project implementation and consultancy services covering a wide range of client needs and requirements throughout the project lifecycle thus ensuring our customers in increased efficiency, rapid growth and reduced costs.
  • We also provide fully integrated solutions for oil & gas and mining customers to meet their operational needs and improve performance by implementing SAP modules as per their business requirement
  • Below are the SAP modules we implemented for our clients
  • SAP Finance and controlling
  • SAP Material Management and Warehouse Management
  • SAP Plant Maintenance and Production Planning etc

Services Offered on BigData

  • At IkonicIT we are offering solutions to big clients on big data analysis continuously to perform operations on data .
  • We are delivering services to Banking and Manufacturing domains and load big data into Hadoop boxes and clusters.
  • Sqooping data from different RDBMS.
  • Creating Hive context in Spark.
  • Doing ETL Operations and Loading data for UI.
  • Use HIVE database tables to load structured data and verify the logs.
  • Use Apache Camel using File component to read data from Hadoop clusters .
  • Elastic search is also playing an important role like Apache Camel used to read data from Hadoop clusters.


IkonicIt provides fast, cost-effective, and high quality data labeling for AI & machine learning companies among many others.

The Data Labelling services are used in Self-driving cars ,Drones,Mapping & Satellites,Robotics,OCR/BFSI,Medicine,Agriculture Technology.

The Data Labelling Services provided:

Logo Recognition - Logo detection with humans-in-the-loop.We create bounding boxes around logos and annotate with the brand and logo variation.

Logo Segmentation - Brand logos are annotated at pixel level in image or video to create the highest quality logo data.

Cuboid Annotation - Three dimensional bounding of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists & obstacles on the road.

Full Scene Segmentation - Each pixel in an image is mapped into specific classes; for example 'cars' and 'pedestrians' in autonomous driving data.

Bounding Boxes - Tight, accurate and labeled according to your preferred taxonomies.

Semantic Segmentation - Every pixel in an image is mapped to specific classes. Regularly used in drone and autonomous driving technology.

Ontology Mapping - Identify field types in documents. Line Annotation - Build sharper models with higher precision with our point and line annotation services.

Polygonal Annotation - Build sharper models with higher precision with pixel perfect polygonal annotations.

Video Annotation - Temporal annotation in videos can detect actions in addition to objects.



As the number of applications in organizations grows, along with their complexity, so does the proportion of organizations’ IT budget, and human resources that have to be engaged towards application maintenance. The problem is compounded when there is a shift from legacy platforms to client-server and web-enabled systems.

At Ikonic IT, we aim to relieve the already strained IT department by providing application support and maintenance through dedicated teams of IT professionals who provide end-to-end maintenance services, overseeing every day activities and optimizing application performance.

Our approach to application maintenance is proactive, resulting in rapid problem identification and corresponding solutions. This helps in preventing further problems, improving functionality and also assists in application development. Leaving all your worries, related to maintenance of your IT assets, to us, you can freely concentrate on your core competencies and strategic businesses. As we take care of your application maintenance, your existing staff can be redeployed to mission critical projects, while you get guaranteed service levels, lower maintenance costs, and improved trouble shooting and response time from us.


We take a staged and multi-level approach to application management and maintenance. The first stage involves taking over complete responsibility of your systems with minimal disruption to your ongoing business. In the second stage, our proactive approach takes over at various levels.


At the corrective maintenance level, we analyze reported errors and make the necessary modifications. We use our own exclusive tools and methodologies to resolve problems quickly.


With the ongoing preventative maintenance, Ikonic IT helps its clients to minimize the need for corrective maintenance. By finding the root cause of recurring problems and resolving the issues, maintenance costs can be reduced, performance improved and end user experience enhanced.


At the perfective maintenance level, we focus on design enhancements that improve the overall quality of your application. Once our experts have executed corrective and preventative maintenance, they gain in-depth knowledge of your application. Thereafter, they can carry out a thorough study with the aim of recommending and implementing modifications that improve functionality of the application.


As the global business environment is changing rapidly, business strategies also need to change accordingly. And, with the changing business strategies, software applications also need to adapt and evolve. With Ikonic IT by your side, your software applications can adapt according to the market-driven technological change. We have a team of highly skilled custom application developers at hand, to initiate and integrate any software development requirements that may be necessary.



High productivity with the elevated return of investment as the Test Automation radically reduces the manual Test effort and Test time.

  • Test automation for Regression testing and BPT
  • Performance testing
  • ETL / Big Data Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Test Environment Management (TEM
  • DevOps implementation for end to end Delivery pipeline
  • DevOps assessment & transformation
  • DevOps for QA implementation
  • Test Data Management (TDM)
  • Cross browser and compatibility testing


Ikonic IT's Business driven framework ensures that he testing need meets business, functional and end to end customer requirements.


  • Java tool for test script preparation
  • Script Maintainability
  • Script Re-usability
  • End to End Testing
  • Easy Parameterization
  • Defect Reporting with Screen shots
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Reduced Scripting complexities


  • Automation solution from Requirements to Build Release
  • Test Script Ready for Automation Execution
  • No Coding Knowledge to use the Test Framework
  • ROI in Second/Third Execution Cycle

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